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FramtidsbyggetTM, (Building the Future), which has its base in the discipline of futures studies, was created in 1992. It became a model for studies of the future that could be taught to people that had no earlier experience in the subject.At the same time the community gained a number of possible scenarios that could wake politicians, citizens and companies to be able to see new possibilities and possible future problems. FramtidsbyggetTM later became the basis for use in companies, organizations and government agencies.
FramtidsbyggetTM, (Building the Future), is our award winning process for a complete study of the future. Relevant portions of FramtidsbyggetTM are used in all of our futures based consulting and trainings activities. The basic steps in the process are: values, trends, trend analysis and scenarios. FramtidsbyggetTM can also be used to identify desirable futures. All parts of the process are dependent of one another for quality and a thorough, sustainable view of the future.

Client list
The Swedish Board of Agriculture: "Framtidsspaning om hästsektorn Maj 2008"
Swedish Expo
Tetra Pak Research & Development
Chalmers Technical University
Högsbo- Sisjö Industrial Association "Life- long Learning in Practice"
University of Gothenburg
Vision Plus, Business Relations, Mölndal County
Labor Market Board Helsingsborg
City of Gothenburg's Chancellery
Civil Department, Stockholm
Lidköping Adult School
Kooperativ Konsult
Region of West Sweden
Trygghets Foundation
Social Insurance Agency
Project- Knowledge Brokers
Project "Resource Youth"
Majorna's Adult School, Gothenburg
Department of Environmental Planning
Learning For Life (Conference)
School of Natural Sciences, Gothenburg's University
Office of Employment, Mölndal
Gothenburg's and Bohus County
NBV- The Sobriety Movement's Educational Association, Stockholm
County Association of Gothenburg
Partille County
IHM Business School
ALO Produktion for Volvo Car Company
Gothenburg's Region- Education
European Social Fund 3 - project Faith in the Future
NBV- The Sobriety Movement's Educational Association, Halmstad
The Gothenburg Region Association of Local Authorities
Office for the Faculty of Science, Gothenburg
Götene County
IFL at Stockholm School of Economics
The Gothenburg Region, Education
Administrator of Schools, Kungälv
Learn for Life
Malmö University
Varberg County, the Bocksten school
NBV- The Sobriety Movement's Educational Association, Örebro


"Building the Future"
a Model for Futures Studies
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