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What are Scenarios?

Scenarios can take many forms, as films, stories, written descriptions using integrated quantitative and qualitative data. They are often as three or more, possible futures based on the same variables. Scenario creation is growing as tools because they illustrate possible futures in a rapidly changing global environment.

Advantage of scenarios
 Provides clarity in uncertain times with low predictability.
 Arranges fragmented information and knowledge so that they are integrated into living, functional images.
 Insures against missing important changes that take place outside your focus.
 Offers scenario writers a chance to focus on opportunities rather than problems.

  Show possible futures from several different perspectives (see below)
  Make complex subjects easier to understand
  Give a more realistic feeling for how the future might be (possible/undesirable)
  Integrate information from different sources
  Provide a probable time frame for decisions that can change future direction

Below you will see just two similar ways of approching scenarios:



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