A Vision of the Year 2025

Ethics is the key to life, the living process in our society, where moral values and principles are an important part of human dignity.
We take responsibility both for ourselves and for others. We are consciousness of the interplay between thoughts, body and soul.

Meeting places are a forum for democracy, collective influence and decision making. We accept and appreciate differences and diversity.

Life-long learning builds bridges between work life, leisure and activities.
Social and cultural competence is well developed.

The goal of economic activity is (GSP) Gross Societal Product that includes social capital, social networks and norms, moral resources, human and natural capital.

Companies owned and run by those of us that work there. Companies' successes are measures in terms of gook quality, god reputation, social responsibility, ethics and morals.

Global agreements exist in large important environmental questions. Transportation is completely adjusted to environmental requirements. We use sun, wind and water as sources of energy.

The biological diversity is maintained. The environment and economy are related. Nature is used without being overused.

The borders of national states dissolve and new regions are built. We cooperate in large continental organizations.

We are consciousness about the fact that we all are part of a whole.
Everything exists in the whole and therefore the whole influences everything.

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