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Foresight Styles Assessment (FSA) is a tested educational tool that stimulates individual and group exploration and insight into the meaning and uses and necessity of foresight. It opens the door to the tempus of our thinking; short-term, long-range or various combinations thereof. It can suggest directions for further development. Skillful instructors have successfully used FSA to open discussion on individual's relationship to the future.
FSA exists due to the increasing pace of change coupled with the need to think long-range and understand possible consequences of decisions. At the organization level, it indicates change strategies for all types of organization change. Based upon research and new insights, FSA helps individuals understand themselves and their motivations enabling better workplace relations. FSA elaborates the roles we all play in when we find ourselves facing the new and the innovative.

Your profile will show how you act in the face of externally imposed change. You can plot your own scores on a graph and get feedback as to the specifics of your competence in each of six styles.


  Natalie Dian - Futurist
“It takes a group of diverse individuals working together to make an organization a winner and FSA is the best way to begin!”
Natalie Dian
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